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Nature's Metanoia

Updated: May 13, 2021

Are you looking for CBD Products to help relieve pain, sleep, reduce blood sugar & more? Check out Nature's Metanoia.

Nature's Metanoia is a business that sells CBD products as well as provides CBD education and consultation services. Nature's Metanoia has a host of products that can help you with issues ranging from pain, anxiety, inflammation, migraines, fibromyalgia, nausea and vomiting, sleep, etc. Nature's Metanoia's focus is on health and wellness and their mission is provide you with CBD products and education so that you can start living again and become a better you without all the ailments that are slowing you down.

Nature's Metanoia was started by Shaletra Jordan because she was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, which left her in chronic pain. She had multiple surgeries after the accident to fix all the broken bones that she suffered from the accident. She eventually had to have another surgery because of the pain, which caused her to walk on the side of my foot. That unfortunately resulted in a shift in the alignment of her ankle so her heel had to be broken in order realign everything. She was given pain injections, which did not work for her, she took hydrocodone 10 mg, but eventually 10 mg turned to 20 mg then eventually she had to add aleve, Tylenol, motrin, and flexeril to help control her pain, which all those combinations did not work. She did not like taking a bunch of pills so she eventually tried some CBD pain cream, which helped with her pain.

Before the accident, she was very active but hadn't been able to run since the accident. After she began using CBD, she was able to finally run again. She wasn't at her best because of all the plates, screws, and rods wouldn't allow my knee to bend like they once could, but at least it was enough to run around with my kids. Once she received her cannabis certification, she collaborated with other individuals to create a better pain cream, which is what she sells now along with CBD bath bombs. All products has been tested and approved by Shaletra Jordan, and she would be more than happy to share results with you upon request.

Owner: Shaletra Jordan

Location: League City, TX

Contact: 832.895.9215


Social Media: IG: @naturesmetanoia FB: naturesmetanoia


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