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Ory Berries

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

If you're looking for best stuffed strawberries in Houston, stop by Ory Berries to satisfy your craving.

Would it be hard to believe that Ory Berries came from a family recipe? We didn’t think so. The 22 year old CEO of Ory Berries-Oryonna Mason B.S., took a family recipe and turned it into a huge success. 

One holiday season, Oryonna took this recipe and showcased it to her university friends at The Lamar University - in Beaumont, Texas. She first started off by making these desserts as a hobby and/or “side hustle” [if you will] but later started putting more effort into this craft after losing her father to cancer. 

These were his favorite “finger food” desserts, so now she carries out his legacy not only in her heart, but also through Ory Berries. 

Ory Berries sells a variety of cheesecake stuffed strawberry flavors and whole cheesecakes to leave your mouth watering.

Owner: Oryonna Mason

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.351.9002


Social Media: IG: @Oryberries


Key Words: Desserts Cheesecake Sweet Treats

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