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OMG Famous Barbque

Updated: May 17, 2021

If you're tired of that barbque from up the street... Give OMG Famous Barbque a try.

OMG is a classic fast food take-out restaurant, committed to quality taste, and experience. Their entrees are prepared under strict guidelines that have been passed down through generations. Enjoy some of the best rib tips, chicken wings, briskets, burgers, hot dogs and more. They use only the finest quality meats that are seasoned to perfection, with our very own herbs and spices. Top it all off with a generous amount of OMG Famous Barbque or Mild Sauce, and we guarantee you’ll be saying, OMG!!

Owners: Wyman Brown & Bryant Rushing

Location: 14715 T.C. Jester #900 Houston, Tx 77068

Contact: 832.229.4132


Social Media: IG: @omg.famous.barbque

FB: OMG Famous Barbque Twitter: @obarbque


KeyWords: BBQ OMG

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