Percival Designs

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Make your business known with Percival Designs.

Percival Designs is a brand management company that supplies entrepreneurs and small businesses with design services based on key design principles. Some of their specialties are logos and web design. They offer diverse prospective and below-market rates to help build brands and relationships. Founded by the first woman to receive a B.S. in Digital Media Arts from PVAMU, Samiria Percival created Percival Designs to level the playing field and give small businesses the opportunity to build big brands.

Their mission is investing time and creativity to make entrepreneurial dreams come true. They only work with small businesses and entrepreneurs so you never have to worry about being the little fish. All of their clients are sharks and their passion is helping them navigate through waters with design and strategy. With Percival Designs, you get the comfort of a reliable and professional creative network.

Owners: Samiria Percival

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 254.371.2797


Social Media IG: @PercivalDesignsIG FB: PercivalDesignStudios


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