Sawdust & Glitter

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Looking for someone to create your next Pinterest project? It's a must you check out Sawdust & Glitter for all of your custom crafts.

Sawdust & Glitter is Pinterest, but in real life.Have you ever fallen in love with a fabulous piece of art or home décor on Pinterest? But the link is either broken or the item isn’t even for sell? Well, look no further. Sawdust & Glitter was created to tackle custom, hand made projects like this. If you can envision it, Sawdust & Glitter can create it. they repurpose random articles into new found art, paint, landscape, decorate, create memorabilia, etc. Long story short, Sawdust & Glitter specializes in art, design, and interior/exterior consulting. Contact them today for your next project!

Owners: Skye Terrell

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 832.257.9953


Social Media: IG:@sawdust_andglitter


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