Scentfully Yours Bath & Body

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Looking to indulge in the ultimate self care day? Check out Scentfully Yours Bath & Body to spice up your self care life.

Scentfully Yours is dedicated to giving customers luxurious handcrafted bath and body products. Their feature product is the bombastic bath bombs that create a fragrant and bubbly experience each time you take a relaxing bath.

Scentfully Yours offers a variety of bath and body soaps, salts, soaks and scrubs in about 21 scents. Custom products, gifts and spa parties are also available for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion you would like to celebrate. Shop around and take a look at some of their everyday scentfully stimulating products. If there's something you don't see that you'd like for a special gift, contact them today and they can customize your spa experience. 

Owner: Reva Thomas-Lilly

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 800.507.0664


Social Media IG: @scentfullyyours2 FB: @RevaGL


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