Shop Pearl Garden

Take your fashion game to a new level with Shop Pearl Garden.

Shop Pearl Garden officially opened mid-February 2020 after the owner lost her job in retail of 4 years. It was always a dream so she used all of her severance to open this business and the first two months were a great success.

Shop Pearl Garden strives to keep in style clothing for all sizes and luxury extensions for women that want to be different through their hair. Depending on the success of the business we want to steer toward making fashionable unique garments that are branded by us and only made by us. Our shipping is fast and packaging will be efficient and personalized. Check out or website and Instagram for styles we try to add new styles every week!

Owners: Myranda Burton

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.302.1899


Social Media IG: @Shoppearlgarden


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