Sweet Expreshunz

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

When it comes to urban and inspirational apparel, Sweet Expreshunz is just that.

Sweet Expreshunz is an Urbansational Lifestyle Brand that specializes in dope apparel and accessories for the bold individual who is not afraid to rep who they are. What is an Urbansational Lifestyle Brand? This specific niche was created by owner Brandi Woods and is a combination of "urban and inspirational." The vibe of Sweet Expreshunz didn't fit into any categories that were around. Brandi was always one to go against the grain and do things differently so she created the niche that described Sweet Expreshunz best. When you shop Sweet Expreshunz, you will find it's your one stop shop for creative items you may not find elsewhere.

Owner: Brandi Woods

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.786.1835

Email: sweet.expreshunz@gmail.com

Social Media: IG: @sweet.expreshunz ; FB: @sweet.expreshunz

Website: https://sweetexpreshunz.com/

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