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TalkBack2Me Podcast

Updated: May 11, 2021

Indulge in some entertainment with TalkBack2Me Podcast.

TalkBack2Me podcast is a Interactive podcast that Provides a refreshing listening experience while being the first “Interactive Podcast”, in Houston. Designed to educate and uplift all while providing a platform for upcoming or established entrepreneurs, business owners, artist, musicians and producers in the city of Houston. With their platforms such as #UpNext, which broadcast guest star appearances, allows a client to showcase their business or trade with a dedicated 30 minute interview on questions that are tailored towards the career aspect in which they are looking to gain.

If you are interested in joining the team, they have a platform for individuals to guest co-host an episode, providing insight and knowledge on one of their main topics. Last but certainly not least they have a new “TalkBack2Us Ads”, where your business or products are displayed during one of their recorded shows. They also have special packages for those looking to expand their brand or business to a broader audience.

Owner: Paul Felix Jr.

Location: 10606 Hempstead Rd Suite 100 Houston TX 77092

Contact: 281.723.7580


Social Media: IG: @talkback2mepodc FB: TalkBack2Me Podcast

Twitter: @talkback2mepodc


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