The Birthing Place

Looking to have a natural at home birth or water birth? Check out The Birthing Place.

The Birthing Place is conveniently located only minutes away from the Medical Center and is known as the most wonderful place on earth for any woman experiencing the joy of childbirth! For over 30 years, Afua Hassan has touched the lives of over hundreds of extraordinary mothers all across the globe. Though she has assisted in the delivery of hundreds wonderful babies, she has never had a maternal death, considering the rising maternal death rate in Texas. Afua’s extraordinary efforts has even lead her to walking a husband through the delivery of their breech baby.

As word of this Super Midwife/Goddess of Birth began to spread, it captured the attention of the Los Angeles Times and USA Today for her Extraordinary philosophy, natural birth practices. The Birthing Place is a complete full-service birth center offering dedicated support and community programs such as prenatal, postnatal, natural childbirth and lactation services. Their prenatal services include water birth, home birth, VBAC and VBAC2, multiples, breech, and well woman exams. They also offer support groups such as, group prenatal, dads group meeting and more.

Owners: Afua Hassan

Location: 2218 Barbee Street Houston,Texas 77004

Contact: 713.643.9433


Social Media: IG: @thebirthingplace


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