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Thezzy Tingz

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

For all of your favorite skin care routines, check out Thezzy Tingz!

Looking for a natural and cold pressed beauty products? Check out Thezzy Tingz and get your fix today. Thezzy Tingz is more than just a beauty company. They create a judgement free environment as everyone is in a different stage of their beauty process. They are a non binary business, and believe that beauty is for every gender. This is a place where you are allowed to be your authentic self, where individuals can connect and become their best selves. Thezzy Tingz is a all natural beauty brand and helps you bring your best self forward. Thezzy Tingz understands that beauty isn’t a one size fits all. Everyone is unique and it's important for Thezzy Tingz to understand our customers journey to becoming their best self.

Owner: Faith Lewis

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 832.693.2361

Social Media: IG: @thezzytingz

Key Words: Natural Beauty Products

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