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World Class Travel by Brianna

Updated: May 16, 2021

Take a trip and leave all your cares behind with World Class Travel by Brianna.

At World Class Travel by Brianna, their goal is to provide world class travel and experiences around the globe! Owner Brianna Jackson is an avid traveler herself, who enjoys helping people explore all that this beautiful planet has to offer. She has lived internationally (Kuwait) and has been to dozens of countries around the globe; among her favorites are Egypt, Thailand, and Oman. She also has a soft spot for all-inclusive beach destinations as she thoroughly enjoys sending people to a place where the only thing they have to worry about is where to eat and which drink to order next!

Brianna was also a destination bride (Costa Mujeres, Mexico), and has a love for helping brides plan for, and manage their special day abroad. She likes to call herself a jack of all trades, but most importantly she's a young woman with a passion for creating a memorable moments for anyone. She chose this industry because of her passion for travel and she continues to grow her business with the love and dedication she puts into making sure each traveler has a better experience than the last. Brianna looks forward to many more years of serving, and supporting where she can! We are only a drop in this ocean, so where is the fun in staying still? It's time to get out and explore!

Owner: Brianna Jackson

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.779.1443


Social Media: IG: @wctbybrianna

FB: Brianna's Travel Consulting & Services - WCTbyBrianna


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