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1 Soundvibe Studios

Updated: May 16, 2021

Looking to create your next masterpiece? Check out 1 Soundvibe Studios to book your next session.

1 SoundVibe Studios is a Private facility that caters to the craft of artistry, whether you are a Recording engineer, producer, writer , artist, photographer, video/film maker , and music or dance instructor. 1 SoundVibe Studios 1200 sq foot facility includes 3 recording studios/ 2 booths, restroom with shower, green screen wall, photography and rehearsal area. 1 SoundVibe Studios is centrally located in the Houston Heights area one street off from Washington ave. They offer private sessions and memberships for clients and any businesses that are looking to be an affiliate. Contact 1 SoundVibe Studios today to see how they can fit your needs as a creator."

Owners: Lafayette Taylor

Contact: 832.779.7244

Social Media: IG: @1svstudios

Key Words: Recording Studio

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