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  • What Is Black Book Houston?
    Black Book Houston is the Houston directory for all Black Owned Businesses dedicated to promoting, supporting and uplifting Black Owned Businesses.
  • How Do I Get My Business Featured On The Black Book Houston?
    Just follow these simple steps: Follow @BlackBookHouston on Instagram & Facebook Subscribe to our website at Check for your feature
  • Is Black Book Houston Only For Black Owned Businesses In Houston?
    Black Book Houston is only for black owned businesses who service the Houston Area. For all businesses who are in the Houston surrounding areas, we will also feature you as well under your specific area.
  • Will Black Book Houston Be In Other Cities As Well?
    Yes, There Is A Black Book Dallas, Black Book Atlanta, Black Book LA, Black Book DMV & much more in the works.
  • Is Black Book Houston Only For Black Owned Businesses?
    Yes, Black Book Houston's focus is to promote, support and uplift BLACK Owned Businesses, because often times black businesses and black business owners are overlooked, under promoted & supported. We would like to change the narrative on Black Owned Business & help keep the money in our communities.
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