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10 Vegan Restaurants You Can Support for Earth Day.

Did you know that by going vegan, it stops the deforestation, soil degradation, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with meat production, helping to slow climate change and secure our global food supply. Check out these vegan eateries that you can support.

Black Owned Vegan Eats

Houston Sauce Pit is a vegan BBQ food truck that uses plant-based Beyond Meat products with a special mix to prep the menu items to make their food unique, One of the owners, Jarrett Milton said vegans and traditional barbecue lovers alike won’t find anything quite like it. As he dripped vegan butter mixed with a “season-all” onto hamburger buns ready to be toasted on the pit, Jarrett explained what keeps bringing customers back for vegan brisket, burgers, loaded baked potatoes, mac and cheese, smoked links, wings and more.

Phone: 734.341.6859

Mo' Better Brews is a Vegan Breakfast and Coffee concept that serves up a unique Vegan experience with vinyl vibes like no other. This coffee shop doubles as a vinyl and records store & takes a page straight out of Spike Lee's book, with an ambiance similar to the '90s film, "Mo Better Blues." Mo Better Brews is decorated with rare vinyls which are also available for purchase. Stop by and enjoy some amazing vegan bites, great vibes & dope music.

Phone: 832.831.5652

Green Seed Vegan is a vegan restaurant and elixir bar serving plant-based meals. They have tasty menu items such as sandwiches, vegan burgers, fries, sweet potato fries, raw food, smoothies and juices which are all soy and gluten free.

Phone: 844.365.8346

Sweet Mustard HTX (SMHTX) is a 100% vegan cafe that serves delicious plant-based foods. Their menu focuses on providing balanced plant-based sandwiches and other items high in protein. Sweet Mustard's foods are thoughtfully crafted, organic when possible and packed with flavor.

Location: 5257 Beechnut Street, Houston, TX 77096

Herban Frequency is a H-town grown 100% Vegan Food truck. They are passionate about changing the narrative of what a vegan should "look, sound & act" like; hence the Herban/Urban entendre. The owner of Herban Frequency; Alexis Suhara was a professional audio engineer, and approaches cooking the same way she would a music mix; attention to detail, flavor balance of highs & lows, leveled spices, passion and loving energy all to cultivate a high frequency "Opus" of a dish.

Location: Houston, TX

Phone: 310.902.1606

Lindiana's Southern Vegan Kitchen

RC Fitness & Signature Physiques Studio. From its humble beginnings of free boot camps in the park, with hardly any clientele, RC Fitness has transformed into “the Mecca of women’s transformations,” boasting hundreds of triple digit weight loss stories as well as complete medical transformations with diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes being brought under control.

Phone: 832.792.6471

Soul Food Vegan aims to end food deserts, combat nutritional deficiencies, and provide plant based, alkaline goodness with a soulful twist. Soul Food Vegan caters to the transitioning vegan by preparing traditional soul food cuisine without meat.

Phone: 713.429.4388

How?! Desserts was created in July of 2019. Larissa Davis started the business because she wanted to change the mindset of others who were not believers in the vegan lifestyle. How?! Desserts is a vegan bakery that serves cakes, cupcakes, cookies, beignets, ice cream cake, cinnamon rolls, brownies, donuts, and so many other yummy desserts. How?! Desserts also creates dietary specialties desserts that are gluten free, keto, sugar free and Cbd infusion.

Location: Houston, TX

Phone: 832.492.1135

Sunshine’s Health Food Store & Vegetarian Deli is a cozy neighborhood jewel nestled right across the way from University of Houston’s main campus. Known for its scrumptious vegetarian food, refreshing raw salads, fresh fruit juices and super knowledgeable staff; Sunshine’s has become the all-inclusive one-stop shop for wellness education and healthy foods. Opened in 1983 by Vergis Bourgeois, better known as “Sunshine”, Sunshine’s was one of the first health food stores serving raw and cooked vegetarian dishes in Houston.

Phone: 713.643.2884

Kashieks Vegan Eats

Kashieks vegan eats is your one stop shop for all things vegan eats. We offer vegan education, vegan food reviews, vegan catering, vegan meal preps, & vegan treats. Kashieks vegan eats is a vegan pop up & vegan catering business that offers delicious vegan meal prep options as well! We create meal prep menus 2x a month! So visit our page and stay tuned! At Kashieks vegan eats, we firmly believe that your physical health directly impacts your mental, spiritual, & emotional health! That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of what we put into our bodies. Remember; health is wealth!

Location: 5717 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 713.360.8233



For more businesses to support check out our Directory! CLICK HERE

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