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Experience the joy of indulging in beverages that celebrate the freshness and goodness of nature at DJQ.

DJQ, short for Da Juice Queen, is not just a beverage brand; it's a journey born out of resilience, passion, and the desire for well-being. Headquartered in Humble, TX, DJQ emerged from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic when the founder, T. Butler, found herself at a crossroads after a job loss.

What started as a personal mission to fortify her family's health in uncertain times evolved into something extraordinary. T. Butler began crafting juices packed with fruits, nutrients, herbs, and roots. Her creations were not just delicious but a testament to the power of natural ingredients in promoting health.

As positive feedback poured in, DJQ expanded its reach beyond family and friends. The turning point came in 2022 when T. Butler officially christened her creations under the name "DJQ." This label encompasses a diverse selection of juices, smoothies, and tea-based beverages that have become synonymous with quality, healthfulness, and a commitment to well-being.

DJQ is more than a business; it's a story of transformation. From humble beginnings to a recognizable local brand, DJQ stands as a testament to T. Butler's dedication to health, community, and the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams. Each sip reflects not just a refreshing drink but the spirit of resilience and the artistry of nature's symphony.

Embrace the natural goodness. Choose DJQ — crafted with care, sipped with joy.

Owner(s): Tea Butler

Location: 4830 Wilson Rd Ste 300 808 Humble, TX 77396

Contact: 832.743.0215

Social Media: IG: @dajuicequeenhtx

Key Words: Health/Wellness

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