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Updated: May 14, 2021

Looking for someone to talk to and help you unpack your life? Check out ACTS today to schedule your next session.

ACTS is an agency that provides assessments, diagnosing, psychotherapy (counseling), and trainings to those in need. ACTS is located in Texas and Louisiana providing services to Commercial, Medicaid and private pay recipients. ACTS also offers Telehealth services for those who desire convenient online therapy conducted through a HIPPA compliant app that can be accessed via phone, tablet or computer. Services are offered to those ages 5-65 who qualify. Please contact 832.409.6629 or 225.620.1193 (textable) to inquire about services and set up your appointment. Our thoughts influence our actions. If we want to see an improvement in our actions, we must improve our thoughts!

Owner: Tiffany Beshears LPC-S, BC-TMH

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 832.409.6629

Social Media: IG: @Counseling_acts

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