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Adrienne Jones | The Loc Nest Trap

Adrienne Jones is a Loctician here in Houston,TX. What makes her salon unique is that she also cuts hair, offers some natural hair styles such as twists and braids and she also has products as well. Adrienne was able to get to where she is today by completing her cosmetology license. Once she finished, she chose to focus on cutting and coloring hair. She than began to research and take classes to learn more about locs. As she started to take on clients, she loved the therapeutic process of retwisting & knew she had found her niche.

About The Loc Nest Trap

Adrienne has accomplished making her passion her professional full time career in just a few months. She is most proud of how fast her business has grown.

In the future, Adrienneplans to upgrade her salon to a bigger space with several Locticians while also creating a forum for Locticians to network and exchange ideas.

Advice From Adrienne

Don’t give up. The first few months were veryhard but once she got over the hump business started to boom! she could not imagine if she would have given up she would not have known how successful her business would become.

Contact Information:

Owner: Adrienne Jones

Number: 713.906.0301

Location: 2611 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston, TX 77068

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