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Art By Ambition

Interested in getting a new tattoo? It's a must you check out Art By Ambition for your next work of art.

Art By Ambition is a Houston based tattoo shop that has been independently pushing out quality work in the city for 7 years. At Art By Ambition we specialize in vibrant color and floral work in melanated skin, we also excel at large scale cover ups and black and grey Afrocentric work. Currently we are located in a private studio near the midtown area of Houston.

In this journey we’ve learned that holistic methods of tattooing will yield a more secure and effective healing process so that when your tattoo is fully healed it’ll be as fresh as it was on the 1st day. Book your session now to experience the Art By Ambition.

Owner(s): Joshua-Shane Ford & Emani Mitchell

Contact: 346.309.1329

Social Media IG: @Tattman_Ambition

Keywords: Tattoos

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