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AYIM Aesthetic

Updated: May 23, 2021

Enhance your beauty with cosmetic surgery with AYIM Aesthetic.

AYIM Aesthetic is a boutique aesthetic private practice of Dr. Daisy A. Ayim, top cosmetic surgeon, where the elixir of beauty is restored with precision. Your journey to redefine yourself should flow effortlessly with elegant results. Their exclusive practice allows each client to receive concierge service, personal touch, and meticulous attention to detail in all aspect of obstetrics, gynecology, and cosmetics. Ayim Aesthetic is one of the finest cosmetic surgery Houston has to offer and a reputable brand with over a decade experience yet on the forefront of current innovations.

Owners: Daisy A Ayim MD FACOG

Contact: 713.640.5922

Social Media: IG: @drdaisyayim

Key Words: Cosmetic Surgeon OB/GYN

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