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Balance Lab Fitness

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Ladies, it's time to reach those summer body goals with Balance Lab Fitness.

Balance Lab Fitness is a Free Weight Training Specialist helping the everyday woman transform her physique by utilizing free weight techniques that lead them back to the body they once had. Balance Lab Fitness aims to normalize free weight training so that all women can feel comfortable, competent and confident when navigating the gym.

Owner Kimberly Williams is a certified personal trainer, with an NASM certification, specializing in Nutrition, Weight Loss Management, and Free-Weight Strength Training. Kimberly strongly believes that everyone should practice safety first while training. So much so that created Balance Lab Wear; a fitness protection gear line that will safeguard their muscles and joints through progressive fitness workouts. Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle today with Balance Lab Fitness.

Owners: Kimberly Williams

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.382.0632

Social Media: IG: @fitwitkoko

Key Words: Fitness

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