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Bisong Art Gallery

Updated: May 23, 2021

Get inspired with art from Bisong Art Gallery.

Owner, Carla Bisong founded Bisong Art Gallery in 2013 inside a 1300 sq ft loft located in downtown Houston, Texas. She brings her love for marketing and art while providing a platform for artists and art lovers to connect. The gallery is deeply rooted in the community providing art exhibitions, workshops, painting classes, weddings and corporate receptions to name a few.

Bisong Art Gallery personally selects artists who use the highest quality of materials in order to ensure their artwork will last for many years to come. Many first time collectors feel intimidated to purchase their first original artwork. We make the process enjoyable with personalized service and will not complete the sale until you are 100% satisfied. Art has the ability to inspire, uplift, and enrich a person’s life. Therefore, it is Bisong Art Gallery’s goal to be a platform to connect artists and buyers. We believe everyone should release their inner creativity and have at least one piece of original art in their home or office.

Owners: Carla Bisong

Contact: 713.498.3015

Social Media: IG: @bisongart

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