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Braids by Candiss

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Need your hair braided, locs retwisted or some stylish twists? Check out Braids by Candiss.

Candiss Spurlock is the Master Braider & Owner of Braids by Candiss. Braids by Candiss has serviced Men, Women & Children of all Ages & Ethnicities for over 15+ years. Candiss fell in Love with Hair Artistry as a youth, which was just the beginning. Over the years she perfected her craft experimenting on herself, family members and friends. But once she discovered the art of Hair Braiding it's been pretty much a wrap. Braiding hair was just different it allowed her to not only set herself apart in her craft but eventually create a brand (Braids by Candiss). "I love braiding hair because it allows you to be Unique & Set-Apart. All you need are some clips and a comb no relaxers, shears, strips, dyes, etc...It's one of the most affordable businesses an individual can launch"-Candiss

Owner: Candiss Spurlock

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 409.526.5800

Key Words: Hair Stylist

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