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Brandon Bee Dixon

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Discover the seven step process of selling with Brandon Bee Dixon.

Brandon BEE Dixon is a Senior Loan Officer. He is passionate about Home Ownership, Business Ownership and Investment Properties to build up passive income. His Philosophy is "All loan officers are NOT created equal," and what he means is that not everyone that is licensed has the same knowledge, skill set, work ethic, technology, articulation and respect.

Knowing guidelines and being able to articulate them to Underwriters is crucial for getting your loans approved. Having someone that you can call and question any time of the day is critical for a stress free transaction. He is also an author, his book "Sales : the nucleus of any profession" which is an instructional book about Sales methodology. It explains in detail a seven step process of selling developed from over 20 years of retail and business experience. For a sales professional its it's a road map on how to close sales at larger percentages and for novices it gives them incite on the basics of a sale or transaction .

Owners: Brandon Dixon

Location: Cypress,TX

Contact: 832.775.8357

Social Media IG: @Billionaireloanofficer

Key Words: Real Estate Business Consultant

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