Camellia Alise

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

If you're looking for healthy, beautiful, & radiant skin, it's a must you check out Camellia Alise today.

Camellia Alise believe that everyone should be able to maintain healthy and radiant skin without struggling with ingrown hairs, acne, and skin irritations as apart of the process.

Camellia Alise’s name was derived by combining “Camellia Oil,” their exclusive ingredient weaved into all of their products, and the middle name of their company's founder, Lyndsey Alise. This company and brand name is near and dear to their hearts, and they will always honor it by upholding the highest quality and integrity in the development and manufacture of its products.

Owner: Lyndsey Alise

Location: 3115 Southmore Boulevard, Houston, TX, 77004

Contact: 832.384.4608


Social Media IG: @camelliaalise


Key Words: Natural Skin Care

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