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Dr. Camille G. Cash, M.D.

Updated: May 21, 2021

If you're looking for a plastic surgeons who is more than qualified & has made an even greater commitment to their plastic surgery training and surgical skills, it's a much you check out Camille G. Cash, M.D. for your next procedure.

Dr. Camille Cash and her staff work together to offer plastic surgery patients in Houston the best results and most pleasant experience possible. The practice functions very much as a team of interdependent professionals who support and respect one another. The result is a practice that’s accessible and responsive to the people who visit us for nonsurgical treatments and reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.

When you’re confident about your appearance, it can enhance many aspects of your life. As a woman, wife, and mother—as well as one of the few female plastic surgeons in Houston—Dr. Cash understands this concept firsthand. She has crafted her practice around offering convenient, quality cosmetic surgery and medical spa services to her male and female patients

Owners: Dr. Camille G. Cash, M.D.

Location: 2150 Richmond Ave #103 Houston, TX 77098

Contact: 713.497.1791


Social Media: IG: @realdrcash

Keywords: Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery

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