Charming Charlton Photography

Looking to capture the moments that captivate your heart? Charming Charlton Photography has what it takes to let your true colors shine in each snap.

Charming Charlton Photography was started in 2012 with a focus on delivering beautiful star studded portraits to everyone. Specializing in portraits of all kinds they’ve done just that. From magazine covers, celebrity clientele, cosmetic brands, stunning maternity, and gorgeous family portraits the goal has always been the same. Creating timeless images that we will love forever, and an experience we will never forget. Since then the once local brand has become a household name in the city of Houston and throughout the country. Providing assistance with concept creation, expert level model coaching during your shoot you’re guaranteed a quality of work that will impress even yourself.

Owner: Charlton Reed

Location: 3512 Chimney Rock Rd Houston, TX 77056

Contact: 832.563.2678


Social Media: IG: @charmingcharltonphotos


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