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Cleo Lounge

If you're looking to enjoy amazing food with fine music, check out Cleo Lounge.

Cleo’s Lounge is the first-of-its-kind entertainment restaurant that aims to give you a distinctively unique experience. After a hard day’s work, all we need is that one place where we could just unwind with some nice company, great music and even better tasting cocktails, and that’s exactly what we’re all about. Cleo’s Lounge has been built with the sole mission of bringing people together, inspiring them and joining them in their self-journey to grow.

Cleo’s’ Lounge truly believe that people really connect with strangers when they’re sharing and enjoying entertainment. What is better than having one of our Signature Cocktails as you groove away to some R&B music in our Roman themed lounge with someone special or a stranger you’ve connected with at the bar? That is why every day from Thursday to Sunday, there is something different happening at Cleo’s Lounge; from Friday R&B Night, Saturday Singles Night and to Sunday Family & Friends Brunches with some Motown Classics/ Jazz Music, we’ve got it all for you!

Owner: Lomil Truitt

Contact: 832.288.2326

Social Media: IG: @cleoloungellc

Key Words: Tappas Fine Music

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