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Cookin with Love

Updated: May 14, 2021

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Cookin With Love is a catering service that offers meal preps, catering, and cooking classes. The owner, Jamie Pearce began cooking at the age of 12, and later developed a passion for it. Cookin with love isn’t just your normal food business, they offer a variety of services. They also have an all-purpose seasoning called Love Spices. Their meal preps are designed to help customers live a healthy lifestyle, with the convenience of freshly prepared meals. Having an event? Leave the catering to Cookin With Love so that you can focus on your event and allow us to wow your guests with decadent dishes. Cookin With Love also offers cooking classes that are great for birthdays, girls’ night out, and date night just to name a few. Their all-purpose seasoning called Love Spices can be used on just about anything!! It’s a one stop shop seasoning that will enhance the flavor of your food, because good food is made with love.

Owner: Jamie Pearce

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 713.385.4974

Social Media: IG: @cookinwithlove2019

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