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Craft Princess Jewelry

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Celebrate yourself with color reminders in the form of handmade jewelry from Craft Princess Jewelry.

Craft Princess Jewelry started in 2015 when they decided to pick up polymer clay as a hobby. They quickly fell in love with how versatile and fun it was. Creating something physical that once existed only in visions was really empowering. Craft Princess Jewelry thrives off that empowering feeling by encouraging women to celebrate who they are and showing them that the power to be the best version of themselves is already inside.

Owner: Raniece Dorsey

Location: Port Arthur, TX

Contact: 409.365.4664


Social Media: IG: @craftprincessjewelry


Key Words: Fashion Accessories

#Fashion #Accessories #Jewelry #Boutique #HandMade

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