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Creative Resource Foundation, LLC

Updated: May 23, 2021

Begin your journey to financial freedom with the Creative Resource Foundation, LLC.

Andy Thibo is the Founder and CEO of Creative Resource Foundation, Personal Affairs, and Management. Following the completion of her Associates in Information Technology and Bachelors of Business Management, Andy stepped into the world of finance in 2009 as a hobby which turned into a personal credit management business. In 2011 she launched her company expansion with business credit, The Creative Resource Foundation. Now over 300 clients have achieved home ownership, secure long term financial responsibility and helped business owners secure funding.

On Mother’s Day 2019, Andy made the decision to be a full time entrepreneur and focus her strengths on helping others build long term wealth. Andy has been featured on Fox 26 News, CBS, FYI Houston and received Proclamation in the City of Houston in recent years to discuss the importance of financial freedom including how to achieve personal plus business wealth. Andy is known as your reliable Credit & Wealth Strategist which if you have a question, Just Ask Andy!

Owners: Andy Thibo

Location: ​Houston, TX

Contact: 832.520.2373

Social Media: IG: @justask_andy


Key Words: Credit Wealth Strategist

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