Cupcake Kitchen Houston

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

If you’re looking for some amazing southern cuisine, or having an event and need a tasty cake, you have to check Cupcake Kitchen Houston.

Cupcake Kitchen Houston specializes in traditional desserts handcrafted to not only look, but taste amazing. Owner and founder, Patrice Farooq, became inspired and developed a love for the art of baking approximately a year ago after watching several HGTV episodes and experiencing the cake industry grow in magnitude. As a result, she began experimenting with recipes and sharing her masterpieces with family and friends. After receiving countless raved reviews, she decided to give birth to Cupcake Kitchen. Cupcake Kitchen was launched September 13, 2014. Since her inaugural days, Cupcake Kitchen has expanded in size, twice. Patrice prides her strongly rooted family upbringing to both her successful business ventures and overall success with Cupcake Kitchen. She aims to make sure customers feel “at home” when they visit Cupcake Kitchen. Cupcake Kitchen incorporates high end ingredients and the signature buttercream and crème cheese frosting delectably tops off most of the desserts served. And for the record, the banana pudding is Houston’s best kept secret!

Owner: Patrice Farooq

Location: 2533 Southmore Blvd,. Suite D Houston, Tx 77004

Contact: 713.557.0447


Social Media IG: @Cupcakekitchenhouston


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