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De’Cordova Eyewear

Updated: May 17, 2021

Enlighten your eyes with De’Cordova Eyewear to each your perfect 20/20 vision.

De’Cordova Eyewear was founded by Dr. Kerri-Ann Hodge. She began the company from her deep passion to eradicate eye diseases and help people with their vision. While growing up, Kerri-Ann’s dad experienced serious eye complications which ultimately left him blind. In her quest to find a cure, Kerri-Ann entered the field of optometry and started De’Cordova Eyewear; named after her father, Bernard De'Cordova Coombs.

De’Cordova Eyewear is more than just vision for the eyes, the impetus for the business is to help our customers find their full vision and purpose, starting with their eyes. To that end, they provide a comprehensive set of services that span from eye treatment to the entire body. Whether it is finding the best corrective or fashionable lens, to wanting to sit in a relaxing environment and be nurtured or just enjoying a spa visit,– you can find it at De’Cordova Eyewear.

At De’Cordova Eyewear you will find eye care experts that are keenly disciplined about treatment of your eyes. They also have specialty experts that deal with people who have diabetes or other afflicting diseases that can impact the eyes and your vision. From children to the elderly, we service all ages. As you enter in the doors, you will feel the love and care that De’Cordova embodies. Each customer is treated with respect and care. Born in Jamaica and educated in the US, Dr. Hodge has a keen understanding of working with people of all cultures.

Their mission is not only helping you see better but it is to help you achieve the vision for which you have been called starting with your eyes. Visit De’Cordova Eyewear and see a better you!

Owner: Kerri Ann Hodge

Contact: 346.570.5366

Social Media: IG: @Decordovaeyewear FB: Decordovaeyewear

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