Dead Battery Charge Ltd. Co.

Stay charged up with Dead Battery Charge Ltd. Co.

Dead Battery is more than just a brand, it is a meaning. The main purpose of Dead Battery is not to be a “dead battery”. Being a dead battery brings no value or energy, and this can happen from lack of support system (shortage chargers). You want your battery and goals to be fully charged and surround yourself with a great support system.

Dead Battery was founded by Cameron Swann at Prairie View A&M University in January 2019. Dead Battery originally started off as a poem, addressing Swann’s mental health then converted into a YouTube series on campus. Swann’s good friend Bella suggested he started a clothing line for the YouTube series and that is how Dead Battery was birthed. In addition to being an advocate to mental health, Swann and Dead Battery often donate money back to charity including Breast Cancer, Autism Awareness, etc. just to remind people that their battery and goals should remain 100%. Stay charged up!

Owners: Cameron Swann

Location: Pearland, TX

Contact: 469.335.2936


Social Media: IG: @NoPercentage Twitter: @NoPercentage


Key Words: Fashion

#ClothingBrand #Empowerment #Fashion #MentalHealth #Clothing

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