D&K Counseling Group, PLLC

Are you in need of a safe space to heal and overcome life challenges? Check out D&K Counseling Group, PLLC.

With over 10 years of experience combined, D&K Counseling Group, PLLC is comprised of the merger of the independent practices of Phoenix Counseling Services and Bridges Behavioral Health. They specialize in aiding individuals overcome the impacts of trauma, disruptive behaviors in children and adolescents and building the parent/child relationship.

At D&K Counseling Group, PLLC, they focus on providing optimal therapeutic services, continuing education opportunities and advocate mental health awareness in at risk communities by:

Providing optimal mental health services to children and families

Breaking down the stigma associated with mental health through advocacy, awareness, and community engagement and

Providing professional development through continuing education, mentorship, and training.

Call today to began your journey!

Owners: Danielle Bowman, MHR, LPC & Keona Harris, MA, LPC

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 346.320.3195

Email: admin@dkcounselinghouston.com

Social Media: IG:@DkcounselingHouston

Website: www.DkcounselingHouston.com

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