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Enkindled Moods

Enlighten and inspire your mood with fragrance products from Enkindled Moods.

To cope with the challenges of transitioning into a new career during the uncertainty of the COVID pandemic, I decided to combine my love of science with my love of crafts. What started off as an at-home experiment to make my own candles would later develop into a full-fledged home fragrance small business named Enkindled Moods. I decided to name the company Enkindled Moods because enkindle means to inspire- often an emotion- and that is what I intend for my products to do for my customers. Enkindled Moods currently offers candles, wax tarts, room and linen spray, carpet deodorizer, and a host of candle accessories. My background in biomaterial engineering enabled me to create formulations that yield high-performing fragrant products, and that is what keeps my customers coming back. Not only are my products highly-fragrant, but they are affordable. This means that customers can receive quality products at a fraction of the cost when they shop with me!

Furthermore, Enkindled Moods not only wants to inspire the moods of our customers but the brand was also created to inspire Black youth to pursue a career in science or engineering. Being only the fourth Black student to graduate from my Ph.D. program since its formation (2002), and consistently being the only Black engineer in the departments I have worked for in both industry and government has made me become hyperaware of the lack of representation in the fields of science and engineering. Thus, I plan to donate a portion of the profit to a youth organization(s) that supports increasing Black representation in these academic fields.

Owner: Taneidra Buie

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 256.468.0935

Social Media: IG: @enkindledmoods

Keywords: Candles

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