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Exhilarate Skin & Body

Updated: May 23, 2021

Bring happiness to your body with natural skincare products from Exhilarate Skin & Body.

Exhilarate Skin and Body was established in 2016 to help improve skin conditions for eczema and other skin diseases. The founder Carla was diagnosed with Pityriasis Lichenoides and Tinea Versicolor in 2005. After several doctors visits and medication, she started experimenting with natural alternative skincare methods to reduce the effects of the skin conditions. After much research, Exhilarate Skin and Body was develop to help educate as well as bring awareness to natural alternatives for a variety of skin conditions. Exhilarate brings happiness to your body through their natural skincare products order your skin care products today.

Owners: Carla Bates

Location: ​Rosharon, TX

Contact: 281.661.9431

Key Words: Skin Care

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