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Fab Lash Studio

Enhance your beauty with Fab Lash Studio.

Fab Lash Studio specializes in many different lash extensions styles. Our goal is to ensure that every client walks out feeling beautiful whether they are getting a simple look or something a little more dramatic. Fab Lash Studio offers classic, hybrid, light volume, volume, and mega volume lash extensions services. If you're looking to become a Lash Technician, we also Lash Tech offer training courses. Book your appointment with us today for a Fabulous Lash experience.

Owner: Alexyss Gipson

Location: 5033 Cypress Creek Pkwy Suite 400, Houston, Tx 77069

Contact: 832.760.3336


Social Media: IG: @_fablashstudio FB: _fablashstudio


Keywords: Lash Services

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