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Fenixx Fitness

Updated: May 14, 2021

Ladies are you searching for your next fitness gym? Check out Fenixx Fitness to get the complete total body fitness experience.

FeNIXX Fitness Facility is a local gym specializing in weight management, strength training, cardio conditioning, and overall wellness. They offer cross training style bootcamps, hip hop step aerobics, yoga, and dance fitness. Their goal is to strengthen their community physically, mentally, and spiritually through fitness because health is the real wealth!

Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, FeNixx Fitness is a step beyond conventional gyms.  They offer a variety of innovative fitness classes with strength training always at the core.

At FeNixx Fitness they believe that everyone can push pass their limitations, inside the gym and with everyday life.  No matter the age or current fitness level.

Antanique Landry is the owner and operator of the 3,600-square-feet facility, which resembles a Cross-Fit-style gym with open spaces, personal training and weight training areas. It’s for women only.

Her main goal was to create a safe space for women to workout since many of her clients shared that they were uncomfortable in co-ed gyms.

“It’s hard to get comfortable working out when you feel men staring at you or when you are just plain uncomfortable exercising in front of strangers, especially when you are starting out,"- Antanique Landry, who also is a mother to a fit pre-teen, Alaya, who also is a rapper and goes by "Lay Lay".

Owners: Antanique Landry

Contact: 713.714.6625

Social Media: IG: @fenixx_fitn @thestepsistas

Key Words: HipHop fitness Personal Trainer

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