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Feta Candles and Massage

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Do you have a self care day? If not you should definitely consider adding that to your agenda, and be sure to stop by Feta Candles and Massage to indulge in some extreme self care.

Feta Candles and Massage began 2 years ago. Tarsha Adams is the owner & licensed massage therapist of Feta Candles and Massage. She also creates handcrafted candles, along with other handmade products. She specializes in artisan jar and intricate design Candles. Tarsha Adams doesn’t just create candles, it’s a list to grab the attention of male and female like all Purpose spray, bath salt, and wax tarts.

Owner: Tarsha Adams

Contact: 281.707.8651

Social Media FB: Feta Candles And Massage

Key Words: Self Care Massage

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