Fetching Hair Co.

Updated: Jan 28

Looking for cute protective styles that won't break the bank? Check out Fetching Hair Co. to get the hottest new protective styles to keep you on point for your Hot Girl Summer, Fall Winter & Spring.

Fetching Hair Co. all began as a hobby in college. After more than a few compliments and request for services along with a competitive personality, it lit a fire in her to take her hobby serious. After writing multiple business plans and attending YouTube university for several months she launched her brand and everyday since, she has strived to maintain and grow. She has big plans for the future but she also knows the importance of the journey and all the ups and down that’s come along with it.

Owner: Sade Hall

Location: 4801 Woodway Dr. Suite 370, Houston, TX 77056

Contact: 832.706.5433

Email: hallsade20@gmail.com

Social Media: IG@fetchinghairco_

Website: www.fetchinghair.org

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