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Fierce 1

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Stay stylish with Fierce 1.

Fierce 1 is an online boutique that specializes in a variety of mink lashes and lash accessories which include a very high end lash glue. Fierce 1 also carries a diverse selection of cute outfits, catering to whatever that special occasion maybe. Whether it’s a laid back, Sunday funday, or a nightclub vibe, they have you covered!

Their mission is to be your all inclusive store where you can grab a pair of sunglasses or a handbag to complement any look. Style shouldn’t be difficult when the pickings are easy. Tekah Campbell created this company with visions of offering great looks all at very reasonable prices. Visit their site today!

Owners: Tekah Campbell

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 832.272.3883

Social Media: IG: @fierce1boutique

Key Words: Beauty Products

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