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Upper Kirby Bistro

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

If you're looking for a great vibe for your next Sunday funday, Upper Kirby Bistro is a great restaurant to brunch with.

If you are looking for great food, and strong drinks at a reasonable price, Upper Kirby Bistro is the place for you. Upper Kirby Bistro also know as Five Central showcases 5 bars in one unique location, while serving amazing food and stiff drinks #DoublePourHTX. Five Central fulfills all of their patron's entertainment needs in various ways. One in particular is their restaurant at Upper Kirby Bistro, which hosts an exuberant R&B vibe Sunday Brunch that sets the mood with a live DJ. Upper Kirby Bistro also includes private room for events, as well as a private social club.

Owner(s): Tony Council & Terry Williams

Contact: 832.831.7489

Social Media IG: @Fivecentral

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