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G&B Cleaning Service

Updated: May 21, 2021

Let G&B Cleaning Service get your space squeaky clean without you having to lifting a finger.

Garner and Blaze Cleaning Services is a full service cleaning company that was founded on January 9th, 2020. At G&B Cleaning Services, they believe that a clean house is a safe house, so they're here to take care of all your cleaning needs. Their services consists of but is not limited to commercial/residential cleaning, floor waxing, carpet shampoo, pressure washing, organizing, make ready, laundry service, and occasional cleaning. Also, G&B uses the best equipment to ensure efficient, high-quality service and a beautiful result, all while being the best priced cleaning service company around maintaining affordable low cost.

Owner: Trinia Garner

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 832.741.7459

Social Media: IG: @gandbcleaningservice

Key Words: Cleaning Services

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