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G.E.T.Outdoors LTC & Trainings

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Gain knowledge and skills with handling and owning handguns with G.E.T.Outdoors LTC & Trainings.

G.E.T.Outdoors' (Gaining Education Through Outdoor Activities) goal is to fill the niche of representation and G.E.T. you Outdoors. We are an inclusive group who aim to uphold and inspire diversity in outdoor recreation and conservation."Doing what 'We' don't do!"- Being an avid outdoorsman and marksman, Keith Lewis (Founder), has always enjoyed the outdoors and activities such as fishing, hunting, biking and recreational shooting. However, the lack of representation of minority individuals/groups enjoying outdoor activities is quite obvious. When only one group of people is represented in outdoor activities, it adversely affects the way others see the experiences, as well as the way they see themselves. Strong and positive representation can help fight and break down stereotypes that can be limiting to individuals and societies.G.E.T.Outdoors also offers firearm trainings and consultations for those who are seeking to gain knowledge and skills with handling and owning handguns. Courses include:

• TX License to Carry (LTC) & Handgun Ownership Course

• Constitutional Carry & Handgun Ownership Course

• Private Consultation

G.E.T.Outdoors and experience nature like YOU are meant to!

Owner(s): Keith & Creshelle Lewis

Location: Houston,Tx

Contact: 346.439.9223

Social Media: IG: @g.e.t.outdoors

Key Words: Protective Services

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