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Get Centered Counseling & Consulting

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Release, Align & Evolve with Get Centered.

Get Centered Counseling & Consultants provides cognitive behavioral therapy combined with reality/choice therapy to adult and adolescent clientele with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and sexual problems such as sexual dysfunctions, behaviors, and addictions.

Get Centered's approach focuses on problem–solving and healthy choice selection. Together, you will explore ideal solutions and create a step by step plan to make each solution a reality. This can be achieved by taking an honest look at your current choices and behaviors, and discussing the way in which you may need to adjust those choices and behaviors in order to achieve your goals.

Individuals experiencing feelings of physical and emotional disconnection make up the majority of her clientele; however, Get Centered also specializes in behavioral health, stress management, value/goal clarification. Additionally, she’s well versed in the areas of relationship and sexual concerns, more specifically, problematic sexual behaviors, and sexual identity.

Owners: Angela Jones, Ph.D, LPC

Contact: 713.365.9015

Social Media: IG: @Drangelajones

Key Words: Therapy Counseling

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