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Gloss Glam Factory

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Looking for your next nail shop, check out The Gloss Glam Factory to get your glam makeover.

Theresa White established Glossed Glam Factory for all to be pampered and save time while tending to their routine beauty needs. What started as a dream, Glossed Glam Factory was built to serve you!  

Whether you are in need of  a mani and pedi, full makeup beat or a new set of lashes please come in, relax, grab a mimosa and get glossed in a luxurious environment with Glossed Glam Factory

Owners: Theresa White

Location: 1701 Webster St. Houston, TX 77003

Contact: 281.846.6467


Social Media: IG: @glossedglamfactory


Key Words: Nail Shops Nail Tech

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