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Green Seed Vegan

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Are you searching for tasty vegan food to fit your lifestyle? Check out Green Seed Vegan today.

Green Seed Vegan is a vegan restaurant and elixir bar serving plant-based meals. They have tasty menu items such as sandwiches, vegan burgers, fries, sweet potato fries, raw food, smoothies and juices which are all soy and gluten free.

Green Seed Cafe, was originally a food truck which opened in March 2012, continues owners’ Matti Merrell and Rodney Perry’s plant-based vision, offering customers a menu touting vegetarian smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and other natural items. The new location—at the corner of Wheeler and Almeda—is bathed in Green Seed’s signature shade of green and features both indoor and outdoor seating, an expanded menu and expanded hours.

Owner: Matti Merrell and Rodney Perry

Contact: 844.365.8346

Social Media: IG: @GreenSeedVegan

Key Words: Vegetarian Restaurant

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