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H.U.E Technology

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

If you're interested in protecting your home or business be sure to check out H.U.E Technology for your cyber security and more.

At h.u.e Technology we offer a unique combination of Low Voltage and IT Services. We install WIFI Access Points, POS system Infrastructure Networks, Network closet implementation, Structured Cabling, Cable Management, Fiber Optic Splicing, IP Camera's, Secure Networks, IDF Closet setup, Microsoft365/Azure, neighborhood WIFI MESH Networks ie Bridge Networks. Coming soon... A.I (Artificial Intelligence Technology with a focus on Renewable & Sustainable Energy. We are looking to partner with a low income community to bring free wifi to neighborhoods for school aged children.

Owner: Rain J Davis

Contact: 713.396.3011

Social Media: IG: @huetech7

Key Words: IT Services

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