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Hair by Eimia’J

Updated: May 16, 2021

Keep your hair looking flawless with Hair by Eimia’J.

Hair by Eimia’J isn’t just a hair salon but an experience. They are a privately owned salon, that specializes in healthy hair growth. They have 6 years of professional experience, and service both men and women. They offer services such as deep scalp messages, eyebrow waxing, braiding, natural hair care, hair coloring and installing extensions and also sell hair extensions, by special order to ensure quality. Hair by Eimia’J is open Monday through Saturday, Yes Monday’s too! Hair by Eimia’J is a salon you can come to for peace, privacy, beauty needs and customer service. They are here to make you beautiful, and to be the calm in the midst of a storm.

Owner: Jaimie Adams

Contact: 832.277.0608

Social Media: IG: @hairbyeimiaj

Key Words: Hair Care Waxing Extensions

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